1. Purchase a laptop that can run Windows 10. A base model is OK as we just need to visit a website and run software from the 1990s.
  2. Purchase (if you don’t have one) a Bendix King KL94 GPS upgrade cable type 050-03612-0000
  3. Purchase (if you don’t have one) a USB to serial adapter.
  4. Install a fresh copy of  Windows 10 on the laptop, if able.
  5. Apply all Windows 10 patches to latest. (This is good practice in general)
  6. Install “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 x86” and “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 x64”
    • The files for both can be found easily via searching the names in Google
    • Additionally, inside vcredist_x86 and vcredist_x64 they can be found as vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe respectively.
  7. Install the Driver for your USB to serial adapter.
  8. Install the GPS loader from Bendix King.
    • Log onto Wingman services and get the Windows 7 Compatible GPS Database Loader.
    • Our Account Key (GPS Identifier) BE228944
    • The loader is also attached inside the Win-7_compatible_GPSDatabaseLoader-1.0 as Win-7_compatible_GPSDatabaseLoader-1.0.exe
That’s it! You should be able to run without any problems. Typically you’ll want to select COM3 as the serial port when doing uploads.