N1926F – Cessna 172N

“TwoSixFoxtrot” is a 1980 Cessna 172N. It has a recently replaced and overhauled engine. It has an ADF, two OBS/VOR, with ILS/glide slope indicator, DME and Mode C transponder, with two Nav/Coms. It is instrument rated for ILS, LOC, ADF, LDA and other non-GPS approaches.

Rate: $135/hour wet tach time


N5286C – Cessna 172SP

“EightSixCharlie” is a 2001 Cessna 172SP. It has a KLN94 GPS system, with a KLN550 display map (no Wx or Sirrus radar), two axis autopilot, as well as two OBS/VOR with ILS/glide slope indicator, a DME and two Nav/Coms. It too is instrument rated.

Rate: $150/hour wet tach time

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