Our club rules allow anyone who is a qualified, furloughed or retired employee of United Airlines, United Express, their dependents, members, or persons approved by the Board of Directors. If the applicant is a minor, the employee or a qualified adult must sign a statement of financial responsibility. Applicants must possess a valid FAA Medical Certificate or a BasicMed exemption, or in the case of a student pilot, a valid FAA Student Pilot/Medical Certificate. Applicants must not have objectionable FAR violations or accident history. You must pay the membership deposit, which is refundable, the initiation fee, and must complete a check out of the planes and hangar.
We believe we have the best deal in town in terms of reliable, safe and cost effective aircraft. Maybe the best in the entire Bay Area. We have a “fleet” of two Cessna 172s, both of which are professionally maintained and are hangered in San Carlos. The planes are generally available most of the time, and can be reserved on the internet through ScheduleMaster. Flight time is between $120 and $135 per hour wet, tach time. We have two instructors, both of whom have well over 1,500 hours flight time (one has over 13,000 hours!). Both have ATP ratings and are certified to teach instrument flight. We have Wash’n’Wax parties, holiday dinners, and other events. We enjoy each other’s company and have a supportive environment. And, of course, we fly!


Every year, the club schedules several club fly-ins to fun nearby airports such as Columbia, Carmel Valley, Santa Rosa Air Museum, and others. Fellow club member pilots and their families enjoy a day of fun and lunch together.

Member Meetings

Each month, the club as a board/membership meeting where club business is conducted and ideas are shared. Every February the club hosts an annual breakfast and general membership meeting.

Annual Events

Wash and Wax Parties 2-3 times per year members get together to “wash n wax” the fleet and share refreshments. There is an Annual Club BBQ at the airport and Holiday Party.

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