Bill Herrick

In addition to flying and instructing, Bill enjoys traveling, skiing, golfing, and other outdoor activities. Bill holds an ATP certificate, as well as CFI/CFII/MEI instructor ratings.


Tom O'Donnel

Tom has been a part-time Flight and Ground instructor in Bay Area for a number of years and given over 4,000 hours of flight instruction. He holds an Air Transport Rating (ASEL AMEL), Certified Flight Instructor (for single, multi engine airplanes and seaplanes) and Ground Instructor Certificate (Basic, Advanced, Instrument). Tom’s first flight was in a Douglas DC3 and he never forgot it. 30 later he received a Type rating in one. He flew commercially for United Express for 9 years, flying turbo-prop airplanes on the West Coast. He has flown with/for the United Flying Club since 2004..


Robert Shea

I learned to fly at San Carlos Airport during High School, including receiving my CFIIMEII. I worked as a flight instructor at San Carlos during my senior year and during the summer while I was at College. I attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and was hired as a freshman to be a flight instructor. I taught Instrument flight for 2 years in the C172, then Advanced in the C310R. After College, I was hired at Wings West Airlines. I was a Captain on the C402C, BE-99C, SA-227. I was an instructor and check airman for that Airline, also during my time there the Director of Training, then lastly the Chief Pilot. I was then hired at United Air Lines and have flown most of the planes operated there over the several decades I have flown there. I worked as an instructor in the training building as a B727 pilot instructor. Later, I was a Captain and Check airman on the B737, A319/320, B767, B777, B747 and now on the B787. I was a Standards Captain on the B777. I have maintained my passion for General Aviation through all these years, teaching in light airplanes and giving BFR’s and IPC’s. I have owned many airplanes including a Christian Eagle ll, Long Eze (N19SH..built by Scaled Composites), B35, B58TC. I am honored to be one of the instructors for UFC.

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