Updating N5286C’s KLN 94 Navigation Database

  1. Visit Bendix King’s Wingman Services at https://wingmanservices.bendixking.com/wingman/pages/wingmanLoginPage.jsp
  2. Click on download your database…
  3. Prepare your download.
    • We are US and Canada
    • Our Account key is BE228944
      • ENTER THIS CAREFULLY! We have a limited number of downloads and the GPS will not accept the update if it is incorrect.
  4. Download the Database. This will result in a file called Database.exe
  5. If not on the GPS loader machine, transfer the database file to the laptop used for loading.
  6. Plug the round end of GPS uploader cable into the GPS. It goes into the circular hole above the PROC button.
  7. Plug the square end of the GPS uploader cable into the USB to serial adapter. Tighten any screws down
  8. Insert the USB to serial adapter into the USB port of the laptop used for loading.
  9. Power on the laptop and log in and launch the GPSLoader program. (It should be on the desktop)
  10. In the GPS loader program select the KLN94 Button, and select the Database.exe file you downloaded
  11. Make sure the radio button is on the “KLN94 AM USA is connected to the PC’s COM Port using a Data Loader” option.
  12. Press OK
  13. Verify the COM port in the Use COM port line is correct. It usually should read “3”. If needed change the com port.
  14. Power on the aircraft’s Master and Avionics Master, and wait for the GPS to finish it’s startup checks.
    • To prevent draining the battery unduly you may want to power down the radios and transponder.
  15. Accept the GPS’s startup checks by pressing ENT on the GPS.
  16. On the GPS, use the right outer knob to go to the SET (setup) page, and use the inner knob to go to SET 3
    • If done correctly you should see “Update Pub DB” as the last item in the display window.
  17. Verify the GPS Key ID is BE228944
  18. On the GPS, press the CRSR button and “Update Pub DB” will now be Flashing
  19. Press ENT on the GPS and the GPS will display the estimated load time.
  20. Press START on the Laptop
  21. Press ENT on the GPS to approve the load
  22. The Update will take approximately 15-20 minutes. When it is done the GPS will display “Publish Aero Database Uploaded”
  23. Press ENT to acknowledge the upload and then power down the aircraft avionics via the Avionics Master, and then the Master
  24. On the laptop, delete the Database file you used to upload, as it’s not needed anymore.
  25. Power down the laptop
  26. If you desire, power the aircraft back up, and confirm the Database dates are correct on the GPS startup screens.
Attached to this article is the KLN94 GPS manual, which also contains the directions on updating the GPS KLN94 Manual

Creating a Laptop to Update N5686C’s GPS database.

  1. Purchase a laptop that can run Windows 10. A base model is OK as we just need to visit a website and run software from the 1990s.
  2. Purchase (if you don’t have one) a Bendix King KL94 GPS upgrade cable type 050-03612-0000
  3. Purchase (if you don’t have one) a USB to serial adapter.
  4. Install a fresh copy of  Windows 10 on the laptop, if able.
  5. Apply all Windows 10 patches to latest. (This is good practice in general)
  6. Install “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 x86” and “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 x64”
    • The files for both can be found easily via searching the names in Google
    • Additionally, inside vcredist_x86 and vcredist_x64 they can be found as vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe respectively.
  7. Install the Driver for your USB to serial adapter.
  8. Install the GPS loader from Bendix King.
    • Log onto Wingman services and get the Windows 7 Compatible GPS Database Loader.
    • Our Account Key (GPS Identifier) BE228944
    • The loader is also attached inside the Win-7_compatible_GPSDatabaseLoader-1.0 as Win-7_compatible_GPSDatabaseLoader-1.0.exe
That’s it! You should be able to run without any problems. Typically you’ll want to select COM3 as the serial port when doing uploads.